Big Oil Pipe Lathe





     Extra rigid one piece floor-type casting structure.

     A wide range of spindle, feeds & threads can be chosen.

     Big Swing range for various rollers turning.

     Auto lubrication for headstock, gearbox, apron, and slide way.

     2-stage safety power start-up device and overload power cut system.

     Metric / Inch dual gear box free for gear exchange.

     Auto longitudinal travel device will control the feeding.

     Strong, durable & double speed tailstock.

     Extra wide saddle with 3rd support, super rigidity for heavy turning.





LCM - 1200

LCM - 1400

LCM - 1600


 Swing over bed

1200 mm

1400 mm

1600 mm

 Swing over saddle

 820 mm

1020 mm

1220 mm

 Distance between center

2000 ~ 15,000 mm


 No. of spindle speed

12 steps

 Spindle bore diameter

Ø 6 ”  ~  Ø 30 ”

 Spindle speed

3 ~ 400 rpm

 X-axis travel

760 mm

 Compound tool rest travel

300 mm

 Cutting tool size

☐ 50 x 50 mm

 Tailstock quill diameter

Ø 200 mm      /      Ø 300 mm

 Tailstock quill travel

300 mm

 Tailstock quill taper

Metric - 80

 Lead screw diameter

Ø 50mm x 2 TPI

 Threading range, metric

2 ~ 30 mm/pitch      44 kinds

 Threading range, inch

1 ~ 15 TPI               42 kinds

 Module pitch threads

1 ~ 15 M.P.             32 kinds

 Diametric pitch threads

2 ~ 30 D.P.             48 kinds


 Main spindle motor

30 ~ 50 HP

 Rapid motor

1 HP

 Coolant pump

1 HP

 Lubrication pump

20 W

The above specification is subject to change without prior notice. Special needs please contact us.



  Spindle motor
  Lubrication device for headstock
  Electromagnetic brake
  Meter / Inch community gear box
  X. Z-axes rapid traverse motor
  Tailstock two steps device
  X, Z-axes auto lubrication system
  Tailstock center
  X, Z-axes with Turcite - B
  Guide way hardened and precision ground
  Coolant system device
  Bed guide way fixed with wiper
  Halogen work light
  Rear splash guard fixed on carriage
  Lead screw with Elastic guard
  4-way tool post & wrench
  Longitudinal auto stop device
  Leveling bolts & pads
  Service tools & tool box
  Operation & Service manual
  4-jaw independent chuck
  Special oil pipe T2 Chuck
  Double chuck system
  Auto cycle threading device
  Taper turning attachment
  Quick change tool post
  Heavy roller rest
  Steady rest
  Copy device
  Grinder device
  Milling device
  Boring device



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